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Dave Pessy


“A Serra High School Student, has soared through the ranks of a senior competitor in motorcycle racing in less than six months”

 – The Imperial Hollypark News, December 1970.

The start of a legendary career, Dave Pessy has been given a gift to ride like the wind and dominate his competitors during the 70’s and 80’s Motocross Racing.  At the age of 14 Dave was the youngest professional during his time and over his awesome carrier Pessy has set many records while riding for OSSA and Honda Racing.

Pessy was not only gifted with his riding abilities but he’s been blessed with his hands as well.  His early understandings of the motor was one of the main reason how he discovered his talent as a professional Motocross racer. Starting out with he’s fathers lawnmower motors and mounting them on boxcars he was a natural on both ends.  After racing he started his career in auto mechanics working for such companies like VW, Porsche, and Land Rover/Jaguar.

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